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XE Prime Ventures Ltd is the holding group of all financial operation of All New Investment LTD divisions , a global and well established business trade activity . We are market leaders in in next-generation B2C and B2B multi-channel trading software, systems and services.

Our B2C offering is an established and rapidly growing online CFDs broker services for retail investors over the world , operating the brands where you can trade shares, indices, currency and commodity CFDs rapidly and securely using any device with zero commission or fees on our cutting-edge trading platforms.

Our comprehensive B2B offering enables retail brokers to license our proprietary trading platform, CRM software, back-office and business-intelligence systems, and use our exclusive liquidity technology providing retail brokers with multi-asset execution, prime brokerage services, liquidity and risk management tools.

The strength of our balance sheet is unrivaled and is the industry’s best and most stable venue for trading flow.


XE PRIME VENTURES LTD provides services to end users benefiting from the advantages of a contact call center. using outsourcing to ensure well-organized, structured, and optimized business processes.

The company uses B2B marketing to develop its own data base, as well as a data base with existing potential customers (B2C), and applies appropriate customer feedback processes.


We aspire to establish XE PRIME VENTURES LTD as the world’s leading B2B and B2C financial trading technology and liquidity provider offering best-performing products and adding significant value to our licensees and retail brokers.

Our easy-to-use Back Office (B.O) systems and front-end trading platform coupled with decades of experience in leading-edge business intelligence technology means we are the first choice for our B2B partners to grow their businesses. We are the home for traders providing them with valuable insight, tools and capabilities through product innovation, and enabling sustainable growth in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.


The most advanced proprietary CRM, Back Office (B.O) and front-end trading capabilities.

Best breed of data driven front-end and back office trading platforms designed to improve conversions, cost efficiency and performance metrics.

Superior balance sheet strength and the best-performing and most stable brand to handle trading flow, cope with market volatility, keeping client funds safe at all times.

The balance sheet and dealing capabilities to open up significant liquidity and risk share opportunities.

Wide & Powerful


XE PRIME VENTURES LTD is a large international company and we are a leading business factor in all around the world. Our goal is to maintain a strong and effective relationship with our employees and our clients and to move forward to a better future.

Deliver first class and innovative solutions that support the business development of our clients and increase the personal complacency of our employers.

XE PRIME VENTURES LTD believes in flexibility. We realize that every company is different and affected by various technical, regulatory, political and geographical factors. Hence, we also offer our services and solutions in a Customized Package, tailor-made for your needs and requirements.

Turnkey Package

Our Turnkey Package covers the whole spectrum of your operational activity. You define your requirements. We provide you with the finished product in industry-leading turnaround times in just a matter of weeks.

Whats included in The Turnkey Package?

Back-End Infrastructure – B.O Solutions, B.I Systems.
Front End Platforms – Indigo Trader, MT5.
Liquidity & Risk Management services.
Dedicated customer support.

Technologies Package

Our Tech Package gives you access to our innovative trading platforms, supplemented by our tried-and tested Back Office and Business Intelligence solutions.

Whats included in The Tech Package?

Back-End Infrastructure – B.O Solutions, B.I Systems.
Front End Platforms – XE-Trader, MT5.
Dedicated customer support.

Liquidity Package

In today’s market, the size of the balance sheet counts! Our Liquidity Package includes a One Risk Dashboard for real-time monitoring and hedge exposure. You also get the capability to aggregate and customize liquidity.

Whats included in The Liquidity Package?

Back-End Infrastructure – B.O Solutions.
Front End Platforms – XE-Trader, MT5 (Optional)
Liquidity & Risk Management services.
Dedicated customer support.


Join us today, we are a business introducer and we are always looking for fresh blood. We aim to train and guide each aspiring young professional in the largest financial community on the planet. We offer great jobs with unmatched opportunities for development

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